A Selection of Trading Tools

Position size Calculator

The position Size Calculator is a key tool for Risk management.

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Economic Calendar

The economic calendar tool provides useful information about macroeconomic events.

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Margin Calculator

The Margin Calculator helps to calculate the margin required to open and hold positions.

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Pip Calculator

The Pip Calculator is a tool that will display the value of a pip for a selected currency pair.

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Pivot Point Calculator

The Pivot Point Calculator is used to calculate pivot points and determine the overall trend of the market.

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Fibonacci Calculator

The Fibonacci Calculator is used for attempted determination of possible price correction levels.

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GBE Volume Apps Role and Specifications

GBE Volume App 1 helps traders to automatically calculate the volume in lot size, while indicating the willing risk in percentage or amount of the Take Profit and Stop Loss levels as in points or in pips of the available equity.

GBE Volume App 2 identifies where are the required Stop Loss and Take Profit levels to reach the financial objectives. Simply add the desired profit and willing loss in amount or percentage, add the number of lots interested and trade with ease.

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