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Many people ask themselves, what is Forex actually? Well 'Forex' is today the most commonly used abbreviation for 'foreign exchange', i.e. the price of one currency in relation to another currency. By definition, all Forex prices refer to the relationship between two currencies, i.e. to a currency pair.

If you want to learn Forex trading, the first step is to acquire some knowledge. Trading is a craft like any other that needs to be learned first. Even though trading may seem very simple at first glance, it is a complex area that has its pitfalls. Start with the basics, deal with the technical terms and practice the learned on a first demo account.

Money is earned in foreign exchange trading by either the bought currency in the price increases or the sold currency in the price decreases. In practice, it doesn’t matter whether you buy EUR/USD because you believe that upcoming data will favor the EUR, or whether you sell the USD and use the EUR as a vehicle because you believe that developments will reduce support for the dollar. You can choose the EUR as a vehicle because it has high liquidity, but you might as well express your negative opinion about the USD by buying (say) NZD/USD, which by definition means selling the USD.

For Forex symbols that end with 'c' (e.g. 'EURUSDc') and whose spread between the bid and ask price is narrower than that of symbols without 'c' we charge a commission of €6 or $7 per lot (depending on the currency you trade).
The 'c' as symbol ending stands for 'Commission' (e.g. 'EURUSDc'). This means that when trading with symbols ending with 'c', the spread between the bid and ask price is not increased. A trading fee (commission) is charged for this.
No. You can open and manage accounts with GBE brokers free of charge. This applies to both live and demo accounts. However, please remember that demo accounts are closed after 21 days of inactivity. If you hold your trading positions overnight, your positions will incur swap fees based on the currency pair or CFDs you trade.
Both platforms are very similar in their basic functions, but there are some differences:
  • different number of time levels and indicators
  • different number of order types
  • different programming languages (MQL4, MQL5)
GBE brokers does not charge any fees or commissions for deposits or withdrawals. Such fees are charged by payment service providers like PayPal, Visa, Neteller etc. Credit card deposits may incur additional fees due to exchange rate differences. These fees are charged by the banks, not by us. For an overview of our deposit and withdrawal methods and the fees involved, please click here.
For further questions, please contact our GBE Team by phone at +971524504186or by e-mail at[email protected].

The below tables include all the Forex pairs we offer

Forex Majors

Symbol Currency Base Description Margin Swap Long Swap Short Spread Trading Hours *

Forex Minors

Symbol Currency Base Description Margin Swap Long Swap Short Spread Trading Hours *

Forex Exotics

Symbol Currency Base Description Margin Swap Long Swap Short Spread Trading Hours *
*GMT + 2 hours *
*In regards to Futures Products please read the Expiration Dates. Future Symbols can be identified by the month code and the last two digits of the year (e.g. DE40.M24).
Further information on the specifications of the CFD products can be found in our product specifications.

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