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Trading CFD´s is Risky.

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Shares & Indices

DAX, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, Apple, Microsoft, Adidas, SAP and many more! Trade stocks and indices at top conditions.


With Forex trading you get access to hundreds of currency pairs, including major, minor and cryptocurrencies, starting at 0 pips spread.

Commodities & Energies

GBE offers you access to the most important commodity and energy markets for trading crude oil, gas, cotton, coffee, sugar, etc.


Use the opportunities offered by precious metals such as gold and silver to optimally diversify your trading portfolio.


Bond products such as Euro Bund Futures or US 10-year CFD-based T-Note Futures are also available on our trading platform.

MetaTrader 4

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The world’s leading trading platform

MetaTrader 4

With MetaTrader 4 (MT4), GBE brokers offer the world’s leading online trading platform for the professional CFD trader. The platform is characterized by a user-friendly interface, high stability, and a wide range of possibilities for market analysis. With just a few mouse clicks, you can easily buy or sell stock, currency, or commodity CFDs in seconds. All open trading positions are clearly displayed so that you are always informed about the current performance of your portfolio.

Over 50 preset technical indicators

Experiment with tactics thanks to our strategy tester

Automated trading via Expert Advisors (EAs)

Extensive functions like price alarm or trailing stops

Mobile app for smartphones and tablets

Available in over 30 languages

The GBE Trading Tools

Business Calendar

Our economic calendar based on
real-time data informs you about important macroeconomic events.

Trading Calculators

Calculate the potential gains and risks for your trades, at the speed of light.

GBE Volume ONE & TWO

Ease Your Calculations to find Stop Loss and Take Profit Levels. Suitable for all types of trading styles.


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Trading CFD´s is Risky.